Back in the dim and distant past, 1973, to be precise, after running The Vampire Roadshow (We all had grand names then!) I decided that a newer name with impact was needed. Funky music was the order of the day, so I decided Funky was to be the first word, but then came the dilemma, until Bernie Gilder (who was working with me at the time, under the name of Hank Spanner…. Legendary leader of legendary band, The Tools) suggested Parrot…..Why?….Because parrots are funny… It stuck!

Where did that name come from?

Before that point, I had been messing around with various types of equipment, in various venues, finding it very easy to make a few shillings, because I could present a show.

Starting in 1967, at Hinckley YMCA, I found work at various youth clubs around Leicestershire, as a non driver, I was always lucky enough to find someone prepared to take me, records and gear, for a share of the profits, of course. For a few months in 1968, I held a Monday night residence at the Showboat nightclub, now Kase Hotel

Work continued, being booked for youth clubs, private parties, and even hiring village halls, to promote my own events. Later, I teamed up with a couple of friends, Phil Byrne and Ian Davey, to run The Leg Travelling Roadshow on Tuesday evenings at Wykin Club.

Around 1971, I offered my services to Hinckley Rugby Club, as support to fill in during the break at Saturday night’s live shows, the band nights steadily became too expensive for the club to continue, and I ended up hiring the room, promoting my own show again.

In 1974, I was booked as holiday cover for Silk Discotheques (Those of the legendary light show, they had Aldis Tutor 2s before me) at the Trocadero, Bulkington, a big venue, so I teamed up with Bob Duncan and Paul Clarke of Triangle Disco to pool equipment for the event.

At the Trocadero 2 x Sound City 120 amps visible, also Triangle’s sign is only partly obliterated by Tutor 2 boxes. I am NOT picking my nose! Pushing heavy glasses back.

Trocadero again circa 1974 are you in the audience?