Lighting Hire

Lighting Systems…….

Allen & Heath 500 wpc powered mixer. From £25 per day

Yoga drum mic set from £8 per day

Stage monitors from £3 per day

Sound Hire

Community 2 x12” speakers from  £12 pair per day

All of our amplifiers are Crown, various models from £8 per day

Supplied and maintained by musicians, for musicians. We still play on stage sometimes, so we know how any little discomfort can affect a performance. That’s what gives us the determination to provide the best in sound, with knowledgeable care and attention to performer’s requirements.

We are happy to offer guidance to any venue organiser in system requirements, and will always liase with bands well before the actual performance date

Electrovice 2 x15 Bass units £25 pair per day

Dare Audio horns, EV DH2A drivers £20 pair per day

We have a number of basic lighting systems, and, perhaps the country’s largest collection of 1960s and 70s psychedelic lighting. We don’t venture into the world of lasers and helicopter effects.

We have a CPS modular stage set, which can be built in a variety of combinations, such as catwalk, presenter’s platform or band stage. Fully assembled approximately 15ft wide, 6ft deep height fixed at 19”. Additional raised platforms, such as drum riser, 6”.

Stage Hire

Staging Systems…..

Whatever your requirement, if it’s any form of sound presentation, we have something to suit.

It is extremely difficult to give an immediate price for the unknown quantity of a tailored system, so here is a guide to some individual items. Please remember, a package is just that, there will be discounts on individual prices.

Please visit specific pages for further detail.

Sound Hire

Concert Systems…..   

From the most basic battery powered field announcement system, to a packed public meeting, we can deliver sound that will be clearly heard by all interested parties.

Sound Hire

Announcement Systems…..

Sound Hire

Battery operated voice system from £30 per day.